If you have visited my other web pages youll know that I have presented plausible and sometimes UNSETTLING evidence in an attempt to unravel some of mankinds greatest mysteries.  As this true story has unfolded on this website and in the public forum , I purposely chose to reveal it in the reverse way in which I received it . Saving the most controversial topics for the last ,the time has now come to  reveal the last 2 subjects that were in reality the first two.
      There are four storys in all and two have been released on this website 1) A repeating pattern has been discovered linking UFOs to ancient artifacts , crop circles and the Nazca Lines in Peru  2) The Earth may be heading for a catastrophic event putting all mankind in peril and our best hope may be to achieve a working relationship with aliens and the bright future they offer. The third story which has already been released in numerous radio interviews around the country is the astonishing revelation that biblical prophecy may have been fulfilled in a most delightful and unexpected way.
      Since 1984 have I witnessed powerful signs and omens that one individual among us  has been touched by our creator to fill the role of Liberator.  No other suitable candidate exists. What this means for humanity if true , is that were one giant step closer to judgement day and the arrival of the historic Jesus.  Its Jesus, by the way and what really happened on Calgary (according to the cosmic library known as the "Akasic Records") that is the subject of the fourth and final revelation that will complete this website.
       For now, follow your instinct and investigate for yourself these possibilitys and keep in mind the linear developement of this story..before I accidentally took the Best UFO photo ever, I had stumbled upon the identity of the Messiah!. 
Ancient Aliens are next