"More Crop Circles"
  As we discovered earlier in my website, numerous UFOs contain a unique spike like projection just like the 2 crop circles to the right  are exhibiting. This projection may or may not represent a communication device of some sort but nevertheless it is a scientific fact that this pattern exists. The crop circle on the far right  also has an extended arm with 3 digits attached to the arm.  Note the spacing of the digits ,with 2 close togeather and the third farther apart, this  matches the 3 lines witnesses saw surrounding the "Kecksberg UFO" (second row of photos) and it relates to the band around the object in the Message from Mars.  The photo to the right of the UFO shows that  even the famous ruins at Petra,Jordon contains the same number of lines as well as their spacing .          The bottom row of photos shows a drawing of an alien by an eyewitness that depicts the hand matching the hand of an  ancient petroglyph of a stick kachina-like figure with a triangular head..  The kachinas 3 fingers match the spacing of the lines in the "Kecksberg UFO" and the head probably represents the UFO as well.
   At this very moment those 3 lines with spacing are being beamed into outer space according to Seti researcher Seth Shostak as witnessed by this photo on the right I took off the TV. Even the rude man of Cerne next to it is clearly promoting the 3 lines and spacing in HIS left ribs and the knots on the top of his club. This may link him to the  "Kecksberg UFO" but what else is he telling us?. He has in fact a very important message.
       Thanks to metaphysics we know that our thoughts are received by higher spiritual beings as "Light Patterns" and that the intensity of the thought or emotion determines the characteristics of the EE or electromagnetic energy thats sent. As certain ranges are reached, they are propelled into physical actualization. The Cerne Giant is telling us an opportune time to send a strong message is during a sexual orgasm..something I figured out decades ago. During an orgasm concentrate on spiritual symbols ( even some found on this website) Thats why he is holding the club above his head so you'll. remember this technique and send a message. You should be able to recall the thought you sent later.
Three Lines and their spacing represent another Sacred Pattern
  On the left above you,ll see a small projecting triangle like at Nazca next to a symbol for flight in the form of a duck. Just below you"ll see the 3 lines and thier spacing.  Now look above right at king Tuts fan and see if you can find a flying triangle with bands and their proper spacing . The two flying craft come with stylized representations of flight..
We have seen how the number 7 is predominate in the Bible ,Science, crop circles and our lives,  lets see if it can help find a Messiah.
The Messiah Revealed