"Best UFO Photo Ever 2"
           While my photograph was being professionally enlarged to grain I began collecting information on UFOs wherever I could find it. Numerous programs documented the "Kecksberg UFO Incident" about an acorn shaped craft  that crashed into a Pennslvainia forest decades ago.  It wasnt long after examining my enlargements that I realized I had accidentally captured 10 Kecksberg UFOs in one amazing photo.  It was the single craft on the right, however, that contained a unique abnormality that would lead to the unraveling of some of mankinds greatest mysteries.
A photograph enlarged to grain can tell you alot. In this case we can see especially in the actual photo, that the craft is moving right to left because the left contour is clear and clean. The reason the mass in the middle is darkest is beacause during the split second my camera shutter blinked, the craft ran over itself . The actual photo also shows 3 trailing images of its contour on the right.
   I drew the outline above to illustrate the all important spike like projection that is the reason this website has been created. This sacred pattern may be the key to unlock mankinds glorious future. The photos below are 3 different television depictions of the "Kecksberg" incident. The contour of the craft exactly duplicates the left contour of my "Inaja" UFO photo above.
Repeating Patterns That Are Hard To Ignore
The "Inaja UFO Formation"
Descriptions from the top down left to right
The Projection Is The Rosetta Stone!
1). UFO photo by astronaut James McDevitt during a Project Gemini flight over Hawaii  June 5 1965.

2). Similiar marking on the face of the moon."Mare Serenitatis"

3). Large carving at Petra in SW Jordon.

4). UFO photo by Canadian Dorothy Izatt with projection 2/3rds up the left side.

5). Egyptian tomb ceiling with projecting acorn shape cut into it.
6).Ancient pictograph shows projection on head while pointing upward.

7). Projecting triangle in Egyptian tomb.
8). The exact same symbol on the Nazca Plain (photo by Marilyn Bridges).
9). 150 mile wide crater on the backside of the moon is a projecting acorn shape.

10). The Top of Cheops' Pyramid is a projecting triangle.

11). Kachina petraglyph is a walking acorn shape with projection.

12). Mayan artifact has contours of Kecksberg UFO with projection..
Did Projecting triangles create the famous Nazca Lines in Peru? Find out on my next exciting page.
"Nazca Revealed"