My Inaja UFO Photo" was featured for 1 the new " The Science of Aliens Exhibit at the San Diego Air & Space Museum Dont miss! LINK Don't miss my 2 hour radio       interview with Mary Sutherland is at BUFO Paranormal & UFO Radio Explore evidence that reveals more UFOs with rediscovered sacred pattern.LINK . 4/18/2010 Just downloaded some photos from Master&Commander LINK My e-mail is  Now start your loop tour of 30+ linked pages and witness the re-discovery of a lost sacred pattern that many experts claim may be the rosetta stone to prove the existence of UFOs : NEXT PAGE
   This non-profit research website explores the true story of what happened after I accidentally captured ten UFOs hovering over a distant hillside in one scenic daylight photograph taken July 1,1990. After examining enlargements of the objects, I could clearly see that one of them resembled the famous "Kecksberg UFO" as seen on 'Unsolved Mysteries' and other programs. It also contained a spike-like projection I later found on numerous other UFO photos as well as ancient artifacts, crop circles and the Nazca Lines in Peru. The evidence to support these bold claims is contained here on dozens of linked pages that form a loop tour. The San Diego Edition of the Los Angeles Times broke the story and numerous front page features, radio interviews and TV spots followed. This story is linked as well to other related metaphysical discoveries and prophecies involving end time scenarios. "And Jesus said,The things which are impossible with man are possible with God" Luke ch.18 verse 27
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"It is the glory of God to conceal a matter;  but it is the honor of Kings to search them out" -Proverbs 25:2
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Paola Harris, UFO researcher and author,  examines the importance of the 2008 New Years UFO video from San Diego and allowed me to join her on stage for a brief introduction of my "Inaja UFO Formation" and it's link to the New Years UFO mass sighting . Don't miss her informative website and coverage of the San Diego UFO  event.           
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NEWS ALERT  12:30 am New Years day 2008,  San Diego was visited by 13 airborne objects captured in an amazingly clear nighttime video.  The formation of nine objects on the left photographed 7/1/90, match the New Years video and  were included in the follow-up Fox 6 News Report.
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3/24/2010 Don't miss this engaging debate on my UFO claims. See the pattern for youself HERE
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4/17/10 My latest press and more patterns LINK
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Russian test pilot Marina Popovich was the first to hold the Inaja UFO Photo on Television after we exchanged photos during a 2nd presentation I gave her delegation where I successfully linked both our photos to the Nazca Lines. In 2006 CBS affiliate KFMB Channel 8 made history by showing the sacred pattern. On Jan.1 2008 those same UFOs  may have returned. LINK
Feb 17 2011 DONT MISS the latest article on my UFO story in the 'La Mesa Patch'     LINK
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NEWS RELEASE...On Jan 28,2011 an acorn shaped craft descended over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem then shot quickly upwards to join a formation of objects high above as they communicated with each other by flashing lights. Numerous eyewitnesses from different positions in the city videotaped the same event. This video clearly shows the hovering object exactly duplicates the projecting acorn shapes in my photo LINK
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